Survey your Market

Survey your Market

Marketing is a powerful tool that needs to be at the core of mission-critical company goals. It’s a straightforward equation: client satisfaction equals accomplished company revenue goals.

Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing industry but its significance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Today’s marketing subjects span from social media to search engine optimisation (SEO)/search engine marketing (SEM), market research, paid advertising, pricing and many more. Finding a team who are talented in each of these areas plus action-oriented, customer-centric and deliver a return on investment can be one of the hardest challenges a market leader faces.

Marketing revolves around the personal conversation you build with your customers and technology provides real leverage on instantaneous communication.

Direct engagement campaigns such as surveys can be a particularly influential means of marketing.

If you want to get an insight into your clients’ perception of your company, automated survey tools can be a powerful means for providing live analysis of the resulting data, generating customised reports based on information from multiple sources.

Having an awareness of Net Promoter Score (NPS) allows a company to take informed action, prioritising customers’ needs and, consequently, accomplish their goals through focused efforts. Research demonstrates that businesses with good NPS rankings will have the competitive edge over other businesses.

A focus on communication is a sure-fire way to build on and enhanced lasting client rapport. It considerably improves brand awareness and recognition whilst also creating brand fidelity with current and future clients. On top of this, it makes the company indispensable and lends credibility to the brand.

Four essential components of any successful NPS survey include:

  • Surveys must be optimised for mobile devices
  • Easily understood reporting is vital
  • You must be able to customise your touch-points to specific assessment scenarios
  • Send out surveys via the on-board, fully customisable, bulk e-mailer or SMS facilities.

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